Our Signature Offering!

 We are very pleased to announce that this spring we will be presenting our innovative Reducing Stress, Preventing Burnout and Promoting Resilience one-day workshop in Beverly MA. It will be held on the beautiful grounds of Project Adventure and co-sponsored by both Project Adventure and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. 

This public session is geared to all members of healthcare teams - whether hospital, clinic or private practice, and that includes physicians, nurses, executives, managers as well as operational staff. This is a great workshop for you to get a sense of how helpful highly relevant focused training can be to help move teams beyond impasses and toward optimal collaboration and motivation. 



Participants Will . .  .
* Understand the Worklife Health continuum, how weardown, burnout and meltdown are each phase-of-stress designations along that continuum and why stress and burnout have to be addressed.

* Recognize that there are three essential components of a Total Stress Management approach that need to be incorporated in one’s own individual and group program for effective occupational stress management: managing the toxic stress response; identifying stress-causing problems one can fix; and enhancing one’s overall stress resilience including nurturing the necessary ingredients for one’s flourishing. 

 *Learn to use the “Stress Biopsy,” to better understand the key areas where your own stress comes from and develop a specific action plan to address selected stressors.

* Practice an array of unique and effective tools such  as the “Stress Detox,” the “Healer’s Emotional Bank Deposit” and “Seeds of Thrival” to incorporate into your Total Stress Management program. 

* Come away with a renewed sense of hope and the realization that there’s an effective program that could be helpful to your entire team.

* Have a boatload of stress-free fun in a thoughtful, creative and engaging atmosphere while taking away your own personally designed immediately applicable game plan!​

An Alternative. .  .

Please know that if this kind of offering appeals to you, we are happy to work with you to design and deliver a customized version of our Reducing Stress workshop at your medical center or facility. For example, we are currently working with a group of practitioners from multiple sites on Boston's North Shore focuced on the concepts of "Promoting Resilience and Team Cohesiveness" with an emphasis on Continuous Improvement and Delivering Quality Client Care.

Our Pledge . . .

We take pride is making sure our efforts are tailored to your needs and result in real positive durable change and improvement. We ask probing questions, we listen deeply, and we partner with you to make certain that expectations are met, and hopefully exceeded. We are pros on working with individuals, teams, and departments to get from their current state to their desired state.

If you could wave a magic wand and makes some changes at your workplace - what might those be?

​​Feel free to contact Jonathan at jonathan@oicgroup.com to have that conversation or if you have any other questions or inquires.

Thank You and Be Well, 

             Jonathan and Kernan