Our Story

My name is Jonathan Golding, and the tale of O I C Healthcare actually started when Kernan and I met at the Kripalu Center in Lenox MA in the late 90’s. My company, The O I C Group, had just started an organizational efficiency project at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, and it became clear to me that having someone with the skill set that Kernan possesses would be invaluable to me and a real resource to the groups we would be engaging with.

In 2000 and 2001, Kernan and I worked at Childrens with a number of different departments including Hospital Pharmacy, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit , Respiratory, Cardiology, Pediatric Rehab and the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Brief descriptions of some of these initiatives can be read by clicking the Services/Previous Engagement Tab.

Of note is the fact that we were actually conducting individual staff interviews at CHLA the morning of September 11, 2001. As soon as we returned to the East Coast, Kernan went on to New York to be a key member of an American Airlines crisis team especially brought together at JFK International Airport to help manage group and individual PTSD type trauma resulting from the World Trade Center attacks. Soon thereafter, he moved to North Carolina to resume his clinical practice and to further his coaching and consulting work. Kernan then signed on to work as a civilian psychiatric contractor at Camp Lejeune providing specialized evaluation and treatment to returning Marines and Sailors who were grappling with combat PTSD.

While Kernan was in North Carolina, I focused on working with operation teams at coal and gas power plants around the country on how to better execute large-scale planned maintenance outages. In addition I also continued to be in engaged in facilitating diverse corporate groups in leadership and team development at the Basketball Hall of Famein Springfield MA.

As Kernan continued to develop his physician career coaching and healthcare consulting and I continued my facilitation and team development work, we happened to reconnect at another retreat at Kripalu. It was a rich opportunity to reflect on both our individual and shared work and it became clear that we ought to combine our efforts in refining our professional development offerings for healthcare.

Kernan is now “back home” in Massachusetts and we’re enthusiastically launching O I C Healthcare to provide leadership, emotional intelligence and team alignment along with innovative stress management and burnout prevention programs to Healthcare Teams throughout Boston and the North Shore. We aim to be the primary “go to” resource for healthcare teams’ professional development and training in these areas.