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​​Participants will:

* Understand the Worklife Health continuum, how weardown, burnout and meltdown are each phase-of-stress designations along that continuum and why stress and burnout have to be addressed.

* Recognize that there are three essential components of a Total Stress Management approach that need to be incorporated in one’s own individual and group program for effective occupational stress management: managing the toxic stress response; identifying stress-causing problems one can fix; and enhancing one’s overall stress resilience including nurturing the necessary ingredients for one’s flourishing. 

 *Learn to use the “Stress Biopsy,” to better understand the key areas where your own stress comes from and develop a specific action plan to address selected stressors.

* Practice an array of unique and effective tools such  as the “Stress Detox,” the “Healer’s Emotional Bank Deposit” and “Seeds of Thrival” to incorporate into your Total Stress Management program. 

* Come away with a renewed sense of hope and the realization that there’s an effective program that can help your entire team.

* Have a boatload of stress-free fun in a thoughtful, creative and engaging atmosphere while taking away your own personally designed immediately applicable game plan!

Reducing Stress, Preventing Burnout, and Promoting Resiliency

      - truly inspirational workshop offered to the Health Care Community -

                   *  Coming to the Moriane Farm * 733 Cabot Street, Beverly MA  *