The 4 Quadrants of Successful Physician Career Transition

Are you STUCK in considering career transition? Where to begin? Defining what's making you miserable (and distinguishing that from what's just unsatisfying)? Clarifying exactly what you're seeking? Understanding what's holding you back from making headway in finding career fulfillment as a physician?

The 4 Quadrant Model of Physician Career Transition is a vital overarching framework that helps you systematically explore the multiple – and competing! – forces affecting career re-crafting.

Whether you're seeking to simply modify your existing clinical role or exploring a wholesale transition out of clinical medicine altogether, the 4 Quadrant model provide a focused tool guiding you through each component of the 4 key dynamics at work. 

Insufficiently examining these is a sure recipe to "stuckness." If you don't thoroughly examine these four core dynamics, you're highly prone toward making an impulsive and unwise career decision that is not in keeping with your aspirations. Doing this exploration thoughtfully gets you unstuck and immediately moving toward redesigning your career in the most constructive manner possible.

Pain and Longing drive you forward; Real World Considerations and Self-Myth are what keep you from moving forward. Systematically examining these makes the path much clearer and greatly favors a successful transition.

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